Top Things to do in Medellin, Colombia – Cheap & Fun Excursions

Top Things to do in Medellin, Colombia – Cheap & Fun Excursions

Once considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world, much has changed in just a quarter of a century for Medellin. The city is no longer gripped by Pablo Escobar, the famed narco-trafficker. Medellin has undergone a major transformation, perhaps more than any other city in the world, and there are plently of safe and inexpensive things to do in Medellin, Colombia.

Medellin is now one of the most modern places to visit in all of Colombia. Nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring”, Medellin is famed for its many parks, plazas, and near-perfect weather. Get ready to enjoy empanadas, fresh fruit juice from street food vendors, and the sunshine.

Today, Medellin has become a lot safer with a cable car and metro system that’s fantastic. So much so that Medellin could rival the best cities in Europe with its new restaurants, buildings, libraries, and tech scene.

Read on below for the best things to do in Medellin, Colombia.


Things to do in Medellin, Colombia – Explore Its Parks and Plazas

Medellin is the perfect place to spend a lot of time outdoors thanks to its year-round temperature climate. Some of the parks you absolutely must visit are:

Plaza Botero

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Plaza Botero is home to 23 sculptures. Plaza Botero is named after the Medellin artist whose known for his statues and drawings of oversized people. The Plaza is always packed with artists, street performers, and people taking photos. There’s a couple of museums located in the Old Square as well.

Parque Lleras

Parque Lleras

Parque Lleras is located in the center of Poblado and is one of the best places to have fun in Medellin. This park is full of life all day and night; with numerous musicians performing, street vendors and food sellers, and people drinking- it’s a wonderful place to be.

Pueblito Paisa

In the center of Medellin, perched on Nutibara Hill, you’ll find a miniature Antioquian village- Pueblito Paisa. It will be like you’re walking through a postcard of rural and traditional Colombian villages, with colorful architecture and unparalleled views over the city.

Jardín Botánico, Medellin

In the center of Medellin, you will find the Botanical Gardens, a natural oasis containing over 4500 species of flowers and over 1000 species of wildlife. There’s a huge collection of orchids, along with a cactus garden and butterfly garden. Entry is free, so you can enjoy exploring without worrying about spending too much.

There’s a wooden mesh structure that protects the orchids and butterflies by collecting rainwater. The structure is called the Orquideorama and it’s 65-foot-high. Visiting the Botanical Gardens during the Festival of the Flowers in Medellin is even more impressive.

Parque Explora

One of the most fun and family-friendly things to do in Medellin is the science park called Parque Explora. With hundreds of 3D films and games, interactive technology, and science exhibits- you’ll have endless fun exploring this park.

Parque de las Luces

Parque de las Luces, otherwise known as Park of the Lights, is located in the heart of the neighborhood El Centro. Much like Comuna 13, Parque de las Luces used to be a haven for drugs, crime, and prostitution.

Thanks to the city’s innovative urban planning policies, its now home to a beautiful collection of light sculptures. You can say that these light sculptures symbolize the rebirth of Medellin.

Casa De La Memoria

If you’re interested in history, then Casa De La Memoria is a must-visit on your list. The museum is very informative and it gives a deep insight into Colombia’s violent and dramatic past. From civil war to gangs and drug cartels, Casa De La Memoria preserves the history while amplifying the voices of the victims.

You can visit the museum for free. The museum is curated with emotional photography and artworks, as well as interactive exhibits which are both informative and moving.

Free Medellin Walking Tour

One of the best things to do when going to a new city is taking a free walking tour. The tour is perfect for getting an overview of a city’s main attractions. You’ll have a local expert answer your questions and give you a deeper insight into the history of those attractions.


The best free walking tour for you to do is the one by Real City Walking Tours. The guides are wonderful and you’ll get lots of information. Just remember to tip your guide at the end of the tour.

Cementerio Museo de San Pedro

Built in 1842, this small cemetery museum is close to the Botanical Gardens. So you can do both one after the other. You can visit the graves and monuments of many famous Colombians and learn about their contributions and lives.

You’ll also find large marble statues and mausoleums here. The cemetery also hosts special events such as movie nights and midnight tours, so keep an eye out!

Comuna 13 Medellin

Comuna 13 Medellín

Comuna 13 used to be one of the most dangerous parts of Medellin. Violent crime, drugs, and murder were all rampant. In the past, it was so dangerous you’d need to pass through guards to get into the area.

What makes Comuna 13 so popular now is its street art, which has resulted in a massive influx of tourists. That part helped make the area safer, leading to a growth of business and commerce. You can visit Comuna 13 on your own, or you can go on a guided tour. Here are some of the better tour companies:

Are you a Foodie Looking Things to do in Medellin, Colombia? Try a guided Food Tour


Have a taste of what Medellin has to offer by taking a food tour. It’s a great way for you to learn about the country’s traditions all while getting a taste of the local cuisine- so you get the best of both worlds! There are plenty of options to choose from, such as local restaurant tours or street vendor foods- you might as well do both! Here are some food tours you absolutely must try:

You can expect to pay between $45 and $90 per person.

Our List of Fun, Mostly Inexpensive Things to do in Medellin, Colombia

You’ll never be bored in Medellin. Colombia is a country that’s full of hype, so there’s no surprise that Medellin is all hyped-up too. The list of safe, inexpensive things to do in Medellin, Colombia is more than enough to fill your itinerary for weeks on end. Combined with the low cost of living and traveling, it’s no wonder that more and more people are visiting Medellin and the rest of Colombia.

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