Envigado Medellin: A Cool Haven of Traditional Colombia

Envigado Medellin: A Cool Haven of Traditional Colombia

None of us move out of the US and become digital nomads in search of what we can find in our home country. If you’re looking for an exciting part of Colombia (both culturally and in every other way), Envigado, Medellin checks nearly every box.

People in this Southeastern municipality of Medellin are very proud of their cultural heritage. Still, the standards of living are very high, and there are many things to see and do in Envigado. It’s in the Aburra Valley, so you’d be surrounded by other amazing neighborhoods in Medellin we’ve discussed in previous posts.

By the end of this article, you should have all the info you need regarding Envigado. It’s not your typical ex-pat city, which may be a good thing. We’ll also give you a few pointers on where to go and things to do. So, without further adieu, let’s get started!

Why Choose Envigado, Medellin?

Envigado, Medellin is in an elevated area in the Aburra Valley, which is why the weather is generally more relaxed and cool. You’ll get a little bit more rain compared to the other parts of Medellin, but that’s ultimately part of its charm.

Don’t worry if it rains. Get some shelter, and wait it out for around 20 minutes, and it will clear up. The city is great for exploring on foot, even though you have access to cheap cabs and the metro (Envigado station) as well. You have easy access to other more “hip” areas in case you want to meet up with other expats—you’re just a train ride away.

View of Envigado Medellin Colobia

Envigado’s residents are better off than the rest of the country. In fact, the quality of life is considerably high, and the crime rate is significantly low. Also, you might notice that the Colombians in Envigado are a little different—they are very traditional, and they make sure to let you know it. This part of the valley is an excellent place to get to know people. 

Things To Do In Envigado, Medellin

We wouldn’t suggest you move to a boring part of town with nothing to do. There’s a lot to see and do in Envigado, even though it isn’t the most popular part of Medellin. Of course, there’s the main park in the city, which is usually busy with people (and pigeons!). Here are some of the suggestions:


Did you know that Colombian existentialist writer Fernando González lived in Envigado? He influenced Colombian culture and his legacy lives to this day. With controversial thoughts written in humor, González became known as “The philosopher from Elsewhere.” Otraparte (Spanish for Elsewhere) is his house in Envigado which is now a museum.

Even if you just visit the garden of Otraparte to enjoy the calm and be alone with your thoughts, it’s worth the trip. The only other place you’ll find such calm in Medellin might be a church when there isn’t a mass.

Viva Envigado Mall

The largest mall in Colombia is in Envigado, where you can enjoy shopping in Medellin and find everything else you might need. While this place might feel like you’re back in the States, it isn’t a bad thing. 

Grab a coffee, or watch a movie in their luxury Cinema. It’s also a great place to find coworking cafes or make use of the free WiFi to work. 

La Casa de las Piedritas

You could say this is the Colombian Taj Mahal, sans slaves. Although the original structure was built over a century and a half ago, there’s a story behind the beautiful stone designs. The owner dreamed of building a beautiful house for the love of his life, and labored for three decades to decorate it in stone.

It’s not a museum, but the owners (Santiago and Gloria) are warm and welcoming. It’s an architectural beauty, and even if you aren’t particularly knowledgeable about architecture you’ll enjoy the tour of the stone decoration in every room.

Salto del Angel

Also known as Angel Falls, this is a half our drive out of Envigado but is worth the trip for adventure-lovers. It’s quite a hike up steep hills, but you’ll get to see one of the most spectacular waterfalls of South America. 

Don’t forget to wear appropriate footwear, it can get muddy. Although it’s a great view, we feel it’s important to warn that it is more suited for experienced hikers. You can also take the route by mule at a marginal cost. 

Our Choice Of Food in Envigado

As usual, the food in Colombia never ceases to amaze our palates. Envigado is unique because the food is more influenced by people from the Paisa region. Here are few restaurants we think are worth giving a try:

  • La Gloria de Gloria: Chicharrone won’t taste the same once you’ve given this place a try. They also specialize in typical Colombian food such as Bandeja Paisa, and their portion sizes are very generous.
  • La Rivera Manjares: This local shop does Arroz con leche (Colombian rice pudding) in the traditional way and there is no doubt in our minds that you will get addicted to it once you have a taste 
  • Empanadas La Catedral: Even if you think you’ve eaten all the empanadas you could eat, try these. You won’t regret tasting the traditional Colombian version of empanadas here, and we’re sure you’ll be coming back for seconds (or more!).
  • Emmilia Gastrobar: This steakhouse/fusion restaurant may not be well-known, but we promise it’s a great find. Try the ribs, Brazilian steak, and the pork appetizer. It’s quite an intimate setting, with good food and excellent service.

There are many more restaurants in Envigado, and we highly suggest you walk around and sample them on your own. The weather is always nice, and most restaurants you will try aren’t going to disappoint.

Envigado, Medellin: Explore Colombian Culture

A cool haven at higher altitudes that allows you to explore Colombian traditional culture, Envigado Medellin is a great place to spend a few months as a digital nomad. Breathe in some fresh air, and explore Colombian history in this calm city in this relaxed neighborhood.

Check out this amazing drone footage of Envigado for a great one-of-a-kind view of the Envigado neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia!

Did we miss any of your favorite barrios in Medellin? Do you live in Envigado and have something to add? Drop us a comment below, and let us know!

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