Estadio Medellin: Football, Sports, And Fun

Estadio Medellin: Football, Sports, And Fun

We’ve already covered a couple of neighborhoods in Medellin. If you’re planning a move to Colombia’s second-largest city, you might not necessarily want to spend too much time around other digital nomads and expats. Estadio, Medellin is a neighborhood where you can explore local culture while staying semi-close to other expat areas.

The main attraction to the neighborhood is the national football stadium, but there are other reasons to consider moving here. 

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Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex

The stadium was built almost 70 years ago, and it was recently renovated in 2010. While it is officially a sports complex, the primary use for this complex is football (soccer) held in the Atanasio Girardot Stadium. Concerts and other sports games are often held in the sports complex, but the energy is most exciting when there is a football match. 

In fact, two of the most popular teams — Atlético Nacional and Independiente Medellin — frequently play here. The neighborhood in Medellin gets its name from the stadium, which seats over 40,000.

Not a soccer fan? That’s okay. You’ll still be able to enjoy the recreational area of the complex. Estadio offers a lot — basketball, swimming, dancing, skating, and even fencing. It’s a great place to stay active. Sometimes there are concerts and other events you may want to check out. 

Why Choose Estadio Medellin Over Other Neighborhoods?

You might say there are other options like the El Poblado and Laureles. Admittedly, they’re more popular among tourists and expats. However, Estadio is a residential area where you can stay in a quiet part of town. There’s a metro station really close to the stadium (it’s even named Estadio), so you’re only 75 cents (USD) away from anything you need!

On days when there’s a football match, the entire Estadio area comes alive with fans’ energy. Otherwise, it’s a pretty quiet neighborhood. That makes it perfect for working during the day, working out at the stadium after work, and having fun somewhere nearby like La 70 in Laureles. 

Another thing that makes people choose Estadio over other Medellin neighborhoods is the cost of living. Generally speaking, everything is cheaper. The nightclubs, restaurants, apartments — all of it. If you’re a freelancer or new to being a digital nomad, your income may be limited. Living in a cheaper (yet safe) part of town like Estadio could help you stretch those dollars. 

Top Things To Do In Estadio, Medellin

Despite its reputation among foreigners as the quiet part of Medellin, Estadio still offers quite a few activities. It’s an especially great place to be if you’re into staying physically active, but three are other fun things to do in Estadio. 

Here are a few things we recommend you do during your stay, whether it’s for a month or a year:

Go To A Football Match

We hate to sound repetitive, but the heart of this neighborhood is the stadium. Even if you aren’t much of a football fan, going to a match can be a thrilling experience. Standing among thousands of fans cheering their teams is something you should try for yourself before you judge it. 

A Stroll In Parque Lineal La Presidenta

Take a break from the concrete pavements of the city by visiting this linear park. It’s only a short walk away (about 10 minutes), and you’ll feel transported to a different place. The green areas are stunning, the views are spectacular, and the sound of the trickling stream adds a touch of serenity within the heart of the city.

We highly suggest you go on a picnic and enjoy the lovely Colombian weather. The best weather is during January and February, but the weather doesn’t get too extreme one way or the other. 

Stay Active

The sports complex is the perfect recreational area for anyone who prefers to get their endorphins from physical activity. Go for a run, a swim, or join a basketball game. There are many activities to take part in, so go ahead and have your pick. So if you want to stay fit and active during your stay in Colombia, this is the place to go. Did we mention you can get sports massages?

Take A Coffee Tour

Colombian coffee is some of the best in the world. You wouldn’t visit Paris without going on a wine tour, so why not go for a coffee tour in Colombia? We’ve known people who have hated coffee their entire lives, only to become coffee lovers after discovering the beauty of a farm-to-cup Colombian cup of Joe. 

Go Clubbing

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Estadio isn’t exactly the clubbing center of Medellin. However, you’ll find that the nightlife is considerably more affordable. Also, this is a chance to party with tourists from other parts of Colombia.

If you don’t like the vibe in clubs near Estadio, Medellin, you could always hop in a cab and go to El Poblado, where you’ll find the higher-end nightclubs and bars.

Estadio, Medellin – Restaurants

Medellin is a hot spot for Michelin-star chefs. So even if they aren’t concentrated in and around Estadio, there’s a good chance you’ll find something good to eat. Here are our favorites:

  • El Misterio Parrilla Bar: Styled like an Argentinean steakhouse, this is a meat-lovers dream. You’ll find well seasoned and superbly cooked beef and chicken here. For your first time, we recommend you get a variety platter to sample everything.
  • Múcura Comida Del Mar: Whether you stop by just for the Limonadas or explore their top-notch seafood, this is a must-try for anyone in the Estadio area. Try their lobster, it’s relatively affordable and beats anything you’ll find at Red Lobster! 

Estadio, Medellin Is A Great Place For Active Expats

For expats and digital nomads that don’t intend to stay sedentary for their entire stay abroad, Estadio hits the spot. The low cost of living is great for younger nomads. In fact, the metro station is right by the stadium, and everything you need is within a 2-mile radius so you’ll be walking a lot. There are many things to do, and you can still enjoy the quietness of a residential area. 

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