Thrifty Traveler? Search Kiwi for Flights to Dirt Cheap Locations.

Thrifty Traveler? Search Kiwi for Flights to Dirt Cheap Locations.


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Have you ever looked at using Kiwi for flights to get the hell out of Dodge? If not, we think you may be missing out on some really good deals. Using to search for inexpensive flights to dirt cheap locations is how we’ve been able to live nomadically for so long.

Thrifty Travelers need to be Flexible to Find Great Deals on Flights

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If you’re still in “vacation mode” where every date, location, and itinerary is set in stone you’re going to have a hard time finding great deals on flights. Get out of “vacation mode” an into “thrifty traveler mode“.

Thrifty travelers aren’t really concerned about getting to an exact location. They just want an adventure. They’re also not too concerned about flying on specific dates. This is where searching Kiwi for flights comes in.

Flights to Costa Rica too Expensive this Winter? Be More Flexible.

Looking to leave the cold behind and hit the beach this winter? You’ve heard great things about surfing in Costa Rica and you’re dying to go. Feeling like you’re going to be stuck in the snow again this year because flights are too much? Be more flexible.

This is Ann. Don’t be like Ann this Winter.

So what’s really your goal this winter? To go, specifically, to Costa Rica? Or to escape another brutal winter by going somewhere tropical while you learn to surf on an awesome beach? For most thrifty travelers it’s the latter.

Natasha and I have been to dozens of surf towns throughout Mexico and Central America. They’re all great. Maybe one is more famous for their surf, while another is more famous for its nightlife. Either way, if plane tickets are too expensive to one surf town, you can easily find a more affordable one to fly to.

surf dont shovel
This is Vicky. Be more like Vicky this winter.

Search Kiwi for Flights to an Affordable Surf Destination

Kiwi has an incredibly powerful search console. You can search Kiwi flights by state, country, region or even continent. So, you’ve already determined that Costa Rica was too expensive to get to. You’re just not ready to abandon your dream of spending this winter surfing instead of shoveling snow.

On Kiwi, instead of choosing your destination as a specific airport or city, just type in “Central America”. Now you can see the prices to every surf destination in Central America (oddly enough Mexico will be in that search). So instead of $800 to Costa Rica, you’re looking at between $200-$400 to surf destinations in Mexico, Nicaragua, & Panama.

Search kiwi to anywhere
Using Kiwi to search flights to regions returns much cheap flights than searching by city.

We’ve been to surf towns in all four of these countries. They’re all fairly similar; lots of sand, lots of waves, lots of surfers, and lots of fun to be had. Don’t get discouraged by high flight prices to specific cities. Being more flexible with your destination will ensure you meet your travel goals this winter.

Searching Kiwi for Flights based on the Month will Save you Tons of Money

The best part about being nomadic is that we can be flexible when we travel somewhere. This saves us a lot of money. Let’s take a quick look on Kiwi for flights from our hometown of Columbus to the coast of Spain.

kiwi flights CMH to spain
What a difference in price a few days can make.

By utilizing Kiwi’s monthly view we can see how much prices are each day of the month. As you can see we can save nearly $200 by flying on Saturday as opposed to the following Monday. If we wait a few weeks the price actually doubles.

Kiwi’s monthly view is a very powerful tool when searching for cheap flights. You will know at a glance which are the cheapest days to fly to a particular location. Then you can build the rest of your trip around that date.

Cheap Flights to Dirt Cheap Locations will Stretch your Travel Dollars.

This is how we’ve been able to live nomadically for so long. We choose to mainly live in dirt cheap locations where our dollar has a lot more buying power. Now, don’t get confused and think that because these locations are cheap that they’re less desirable to live in. Just the opposite actually.

Some of the cheapest places we’ve lived are locations that tourists flock to, such as the following:

Negril, Jamaica

Even though Negril is full of extremely expensive all-inclusive resorts we still consider it a dirt cheap location. Our little shack below sat right on the Caribbean cliffs and cost us $200 a month.

Our shack in Negril Jamaica
Our shack in Negril, Jamaica

In addition to cheap lodging in Negril, Jamaica the taxis were dirt cheap at $1 USD per person and a giant plate of delicious Jamaican food was around $2-$3.

Cheap eats in Negril, Jamaica
Brown stewed beef, stewed cabbage and rice & peas – $3.

Because we saved tons of money on our flights, and due to the fact that nearly everything in Negril, Jamaica is dirt cheap, we were able to hang out on the beautiful beaches there for almost six months. And it cost us very little compared to living back in the states and freezing our asses off.

Cozumel, Mexico

Believe it or not, we also consider Cozumel, Mexico to be a dirt cheap location. Even though this island sees up to 30 cruise ships a month, it’s still quite affordable.

We lived on the island for 2 months and we never spent more than $800\mo between the two of us. That included our rent (less than $200\mo for a studio) and eating and drinking out nearly every night.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Another huge tourist destination and cruise ship port San Juan del Sur can be expensive if you’re in tourist mode. For us, though it was quite reasonable;

  • rent – 1 bedroom apartment close to the beach, $250 USD\mo
  • beers – 1 liter ice cold beer at a beach bar, $2 USD
  • food – a giant plate of food with meat, rice & beans & veg on the beach, $3 USD
  • beach time – free

We spent more than a couple of years living in San Juan del Sur and loved it.

Are you Ready to become Nomadic-AF? Then Search Kiwi for Flights to your Favorite Dirt Cheap Location.

If you’re tired of the rat-race and need some time off on a beach somewhere, we get it. We really do. We also know that it is totally possible to fly to, and live in, some really cool countries for really cheap.

little corn island
Natasha chillin’ on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua.

So, if you’re ready for some adventure play around with the Kiwi app below to find some really cheap flights. Don’t forget to:

  • Use the “your city to anywhere\country\region” option.
  • Search flights “by the month” to find the cheapest flights.
  • Be flexible! You could save enough money flying on a cheaper flight to pay 1-2 months rent in that country.

We would love to hear back from our readers. If you find some really cheap Kiwi flights we would love to hear about in the comments. That will give us, and our readers, more motivation to get out there and live our nomadic-AF lives.

Check Kiwi Below for the Cheapest Flights from Your City.

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