El Poblado Medellin: Digital Nomad Hub

El Poblado Medellin: Digital Nomad Hub

Colombia is a popular destination for tourists and digital nomads alike, and for good reason. Although the capital city (Bogota) might come to mind when looking for a place to stay, more expats are likely to mention El Poblado, Medellin. 

This specific commune in Colombia is a go-to for digital nomads looking for a good work-life balance, great experiences, and spectacular weather. If you’re considering a move to Latin America, keep reading to find out why you should choose El Poblado. 

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Why El Poblado Medellin Is Popular Among Expats

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There are more than a few reasons that expats flock to El Poblado, Medellin. While there are many places where foreigners can get by with their choppy Spanish, and many safe locations, El Poblado offers more. The vibes of the city are appealing both day and night—allowing for a good work-life balance.

Also, locals call El Poblado ‘The Golden Blocks’ because it’s the industrial and commercial center of Medellin. Here are a few reasons this part of the city attracts remote workers. 

Co-Working Spaces

Working from home can get counterproductive pretty quickly. Digital nomads often try to find work-friendly cafes and co-working spaces. These places help people work more efficiently and possibly bounce ideas off each other. 

There are more than a few co-working spaces in El Poblado, including a few work-friendly cafes. So even if you don’t have an office to work in, you can find somewhere to be productive during the day. In our opinion, the best co-working spaces are Tinkko Coworking and Quokka Coworking Startups.

Excellent Nightlife

Exchange rates are probably not the only reason you are moving to Latin America. We get it, you want to party all night and work all day. Well, El Poblado offers some of the best discotecas in Medellin. 

Everything Within Walking Distance

People in the US are so accustomed to living where everything is a “short drive” away. But nothing beats having everything within walking distance. You can navigate the streets of El Poblado entirely on foot, and you have everything you need within the commune.

For many expats, El Poblado becomes a cozy bubble they never leave. What happens when you want to wander a little further away? No problem—the metro is easily accessible and will take you anywhere you need to go (it’s cheap too). It’s the only one in Colombia. 

Things To Do In El Poblado Medellin

You’ve reached El Poblado, settled in, and it’s time to explore the district. Here are a few things we suggest you do during your stay in Medellin.

Parque Lleras: Put Your Party Shoes On

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this district has a great nightlife vibe. For all the party animals, this is the place to be. Parque Lleras is a park in El Poblado that feels like one giant club. You’ll hear loud music as you pass by discoteca after discoteca (and a few cafes too). 

You’ll be partying up until 3 am, mostly to reggae and Latin music. Our favorite is Gusto—the ambiance is unmatched. 

Cultural Activities: Parque Explora

On the occasional days when you want to act more responsible and cultured, you may want to visit Parque Explora. This science museum is a lot of fun and will make for an interesting day trip. There are many optical illusions and activities to do at the museum, so it’s worth a visit.

You can also visit the aquarium (the biggest one in South America) at the same location. Make them two different trips so you can really explore. 

Grab A Bite: Bandeja Paisa, Costillas, Picada

el poblado medellin - bandejas paisa

There are more than a few fine dining establishments in El Poblado. Better yet, the local food stalls will offer delicious (yet cheap!) food that doesn’t compare to anything you’ll taste in the States. These are a few of our recommendations:

  • Mondongo’s: We’ve mentioned them before, and will keep doing so. You won’t experience the true Colombia until you try traditional cuisine, and this is the best way to do it. If you aren’t brave enough to try the tripe soup, you’ll still love the bandeja paisa. That’s a traditional platter with beans, rice, chicharron, plantain, chorizo, and much more.
  • La Pampa – Parrilla Argentina: Latin American cuisine is flavorful, spicy, and diverse. Try the Argentinian food at La Pampa and this just might inspire the next country on your digital nomad checklist. Try their costillas—that may translate to ‘ribs’ but it’s so much more.
  • Piketeadoro: Any meat lover in Medellin should stop by Piketeadoro—where they serve up the best Picada. That’s a traditional Colombian party platter that includes smoked meats, chicken, arepas, steak, and fried meats as well. 

Cable Cars: View Medellin From Above

When you get tired of partying and eating out, you’ll want to take a break. A great way to explore the city is to take the cable cars. You won’t regret the breathtaking views of Medellin from above, and it’s the perfect way to lay back and enjoy the city.

There are three metro cables nearby, all accessible via the metro. We highly recommend you try them all to get the full experience because nothing beats the scenery from up high.

Take A Walking Tour Of Communa 13

One of the reasons Medellin is famous is its history. You might have heard that Pablo Escobar (yes, the drug lord) frequented El Poblado. In fact, he built an apartment complex there. There are many walking tours available that will show you around Communa 13—showing the history behind all the places he visited.

Note: While Escobar did start the ‘Medellin Cartel’, making the country very dangerous—that’s all in the past. Today’s Colombia (Medellin included) is pretty safe for locals and expats alike.

Choose El Poblado Medellin As Your Next Destination

As you plan your next destination as a digital nomad, consider El Poblado Medellin. Even spending a few days in this place, you’ll find yourself addicted. We know of more than a few expats who planned to visit and decided to stay for longer. 

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