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travel humidifier FI

Best Travel Humidifier to Keep you Hydrated – Our Top 10 Picks

There are many different types of humidifiers on the market, but if you’re looking for a humidifier that you can ...
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Envigado Medellin Best neighbhorhoods

Envigado Medellin: A Cool Haven of Traditional Colombia

None of us move out of the US and become digital nomads in search of what we can find in ...
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Top 10 5-Star Luxury Hotels In Mexico City

Top 10 5 Star Hotels In Mexico City – Luxury at its Finest

If you’re looking for 5 Star hotels in Mexico City, you’ll be pleased to know that the bustling metropolis has ...
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Estadio Medellin: Football, Sports, And Fun

We’ve already covered a couple of neighborhoods in Medellin. If you’re planning a move to Colombia’s second-largest city, you might ...
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El Poblado Medellin: Digital Nomad Hub

Colombia is a popular destination for tourists and digital nomads alike, and for good reason. Although the capital city (Bogota) ...
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best medellin neighborhood - laureles medellin

Laureles Medellin: Culture And Nightlife Within Walking Distance

Moving to Colombia is an experience that checks every box for any digital nomad. Medellin is a city that offers ...
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best medellin neighborhoods - FI

Best Medellin Neighborhoods for Expats and Digital Nomads

The “City of Eternal Spring” will charm any expat (or digital nomad) that enters it. Medellin is one of the ...
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Roma Norte, Mexico City: The Heart Of Mexican Cuisine And Art

Foodies and art lovers in search of suitable neighborhoods to stay in Mexico are bound to come across Roma Norte, ...
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zona rosa, mexico city

Zona Rosa, Mexico City: Is It Worth Moving To?

Whether you’re a freelancer or your job allows you to move around freely, you’ve probably considered moving somewhere more affordable ...
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Mexico City

Best Neighborhoods in Mexico City For Digital Nomads & Expats

So you’ve decided to move south of the border because your job allows for it. We don’t blame you... living ...
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best south africa beaches - penquin

Best South Africa Beaches for your Next Holiday – Top 15 Picks

Some of the best beaches in Africa are found at its southern tip, in South Africa. With a coastline of ...
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How Digital Nomads can Offset a Flight’s Environmental Impact

As full-time digital nomads, we definitely think about the environmental impact our 3-4 flights a year can have. To lessen ...
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Entry Level Remote Jobs FI

Top 20 Entry Level Remote Jobs You can do from Anywhere

Are you tired of the daily commute to a job that you hate? Are you ready to become nomadic AF ...
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cheapest way to live

Is Moving to Another Country Really the Cheapest Way to Live?

We think so, depending on the country of course. Over the past seven years, we've lived one year in the ...
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live for free house and pet sitting

Pet Sitting Jobs offer the Cheapest Way to Travel the World

Have you always dreamed of living in an awesome house on the beach? Lack of funds keeping your beach house ...
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AirBnb vs hotel

Long Term Airbnb vs Extended Stay Hotel – Which is Best?

How do we decide whether a long term Airbnb vs hotel is right for us when we move to a ...
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kiwi for flights to nicaragua

Thrifty Traveler? Search Kiwi for Flights to Dirt Cheap Locations.

  Have you ever looked at using Kiwi for flights to get the hell out of Dodge? If not, we ...
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10 Tips on How to Save That Money and Finally go Overseas

If you're dying to go overseas long term, but are short on cash, you're going to have to come up ...
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